Tuesday, February 04, 2003

Another piece of news in the baby front - GF's older daughter found out today that she is expecting a boy in June. The ultrasound gave her that piece of news, so now she'll have a boy and a girl. Me, I'll probably have to settle for an only child, which is just fine, I think. Seeing some parents out there trying to juggle multiple children while they attempt to blungeon each other to death with vegetables makes me kinda not want children.

It's kinda odd that my GF's kid is having a kid, and that kid will be a few months older than our kid. We're just messing up the whole concept of family here. Which brings me to mention again, that "American Baby" is more in reference to this new family structure, whereby aunts can be younger than nephews, stepdads are commonplace, and age and race are not longer barriers within what we traditionally define as an "American Family." Come to think of it, it's for evolution, really. I couldn't diversify the gene pool any more if I tried. Okay, maybe going a bit far there.

GF showed me a webpage which has a week by week analysis of baby making, and even had an ultrasound picture of what our baby may look like. Limbs have formed, and the gender of the baby is developing. Amazing stuff going inside of my GF, it's probably immature of a statement for me to say, but it feels as if I'm in the beginning stages of loving the baby. I'm deathly worried about it, and I want everything to be okay. Right now I think the most I can do is to make my GF the happiest girl in the world, and those happy thoughts and emotions will be passed down to the baby!

Right, I hope Cody brings over Grand Theft Auto: Vice City tomorrow so I could reaffirm my masculinity.

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