Friday, February 07, 2003

And pretty much at Freddy's know now. GF told everyone and the general reaction was shock and happiness. I'm getting nervous about everyone knowing because now we are pretty much under public scrunity, not that it would affect much of the decision making made by us, but it will.

Took my GF to breakfast at Denny's this morning after we voted for our new health plan. It's strange, I've never studied what my GF eats as much as I do now. I'm looking at her plate and trying to break down the nutritional value of the hash browns, the English Muffin, and her eggs and bacon... Came to the conclusion that water was probably the only truly healthy thing, though eggs are good for ya.

Speaking of which, I always remember Mr. Strong always ate raw eggs and he got really strong. He's a square though, which makes no sense because you would think he'd bulk up and be roundish.

For those of you who do remember that children's series, it took me a very long time to find this image. Mr. Strong is cool! Mr. Strong has extremely high cholesterol! Mr. Strong is the sworn enemy of chickens everywhere!