Saturday, February 08, 2003

Was driving to the mall for the ever so important engagement ring, when there were some people over a few bridges with signs that read, "No War with Iraq" and the like. I honked even though I have never really thought of it one way or another. By all accounts, I am pretty much against war with any country, because I just don't think it's generally a great idea when the policing country starts fights with other countries with nuclear capability.

But today it struck me a bit more oddly, perhaps because it's no longer just my life I have to worry about anymore. Although 9/11 proved that any attack on American soil is still possible, I'm not that worried about us in Bellingham. We are horribly close to the Canadian border, but there are way less risks associated with small towns.

Everyone talks about how they are unsure about whether or not they want to bring a baby into this world that we live in, but despite what could possibly happen in this country, I'm sure we'll handle it. The baby will have two loving parents, and that's a damn good start.

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