Wednesday, March 12, 2003

FC and I went for a walk at around 11 at night, because I thought it was such a nice night and all. So we talked a little about the visit to my Mom's, and I guess it was rather hard on her. My Mom said some things that were a little weird, but we kinda agreed that everyone would not be happy at first. We'll all have to ease into it a little. Later she told me a secret that made me pretty elated. She said that she felt the baby move around inside her tummy three times today, kinda just shifting around in there, trying to get comfortable. She's getting more apparent by the day, I think we'll have a eight pounder without a problem.

Told her that I thought about what I should be doing with my life. I would have to change my habits somewhat, no more just staying at home being a computer geek who edits all day, I will have to take the baby out for some sun, some nice fresh air, and when it becomes a toddler, the playground. I freak out a little when I think about how much less time I'll be having, but also take comfort into how much more life I'll be enjoying.

Brendon and Maralise are voting for us to get married here, regardless of whether my Mom attends. They said that we should get hitched in the courthouse, and then have a potluck reception in and around the house. Oh, and thanks for Dansen for plugging my movie to all his friends. I would if I had some.

Isn't it weird? The baby has already "determined" its gender, and it's just waiting for us to find out. The baby's first secret...

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