Thursday, March 06, 2003

I was driving back from JL's school in the car with FC (and no JL, we just had to drop off a paper and she was off with her dad) and I suggested,

"Hey, you want a blizzard?"

"Ooooh Yeah!" said FC, with very much the same enthusiasium as a kid with a sweet tooth.

And when we did get there, I ordered onion rings for myself, looked at FC, and she had this look that still makes me smile right now as I'm thinking of it -- a look of cheekiness and envy, suggestion and pure joy. I enjoyed another for her and she actually ate most of it, something she wouldn't do if she wasn't pregnant. She can't do chocolate now, so she got a strawberry-banana blizzard and had it all.

Her appettite's been improving and has returned with the wrath that no one in this house has ever seen! She's still avoiding chocolate and chicken, but overall, she's been eating a lot better. She's also quite emotional, so I do watch my jokes around her because I have a tendency to be callous and slightly imprevious to good taste. If the idea comes to me, it goes unfiltered out of my mouth sometimes. I'm still not sparing her on the bullying bit, still tickling her any chance I get. Something about her screaming that makes me all happy and warm inside.

This week is a little harsh on her, her work schedule has three 5am to 2pm shifts and it's making her tired, throwing her internal clock into chaos. On the other hand, here I am staying up till 2 in the morning and waking up at 9, confused and slightly incoherent. We did get to watch "Unfaithful" today, and we really liked it. All the principals were great, and the director Adrian Lynne is good as well, doing movies the way they're meant to be made -- not patronizing the audience with unnecessary stuff, practicing restraint and making a sexy little flick.

I was practicing my baby reading skills today, reading A.A. Milne out loud to myself. I'm not sure, but I might be enjoying the books a little more than I'd expect the baby to. Oops.

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