Monday, March 03, 2003

Had a dream about the baby, I think it's seeping more into my subconcious now. Had a dream that FC was holding it in her arms and me thinking, "Man, the baby's darker than I am."

I forgot the rest.

FC and I have booked our trip to Vegas, and we're very excited about that. She can't go on rides because little babies in tummies don't prefer to be smashed about in the womb, but there seems to be an abundance of things to do in Vegas. We're going to be staying at the Stratosphere, which is cool even though we can't ride the Stratosphere's Big Top (a vertical ride that propels wayyy up, and drops you like a Health Plan). There's also lions or tigers on exhibit, and FC was really stoked about the cats with their big, man-ripping paws.

And there's a M and M's exhibit. Mmm. Candy.

We're slightly worried about the secondhand smoke in the casinos, but I imagine they'd have some really high grade air conditioning to circulate the casinos. If the casinos in Vegas were all smoked filled, I wouldn't imagine anyone would be interested in going.

So Vegas will be our last adult-oriented trip in a while, but we don't intend to see showgirls or anything. Something about half-naked women with headgear and heavy makeup that just doesn't appeal to me. FC has shown no interest in Chippendales either...

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