Tuesday, February 25, 2003

The comments may be acting up, so we'll see if they need replacing.

Well, yesterday's emmio was not to be -- there wasn't one to take place. Darn these doctor visits. For real though, we do have the emmiocenthesis (spelling may be questionable) scheduled 3 weeks from now at St. Joe's, and then 5 weeks from now, we should know if it's a boy or a girl. Yesterday's appointment was more consultation, and we got to hear the baby's heartbeat. I have to say that we rushed a little through it, before FC and I got to really absorb the heartbeat, it was pretty much over. It had a weird sound that we weren't accustomed to hearing, so we weren't sure if that was a heartbeat or simply the growlings of an empty stomach. I'm sure Dr. Shapiro heard it right away, just not us.

At any rate, we had a lot of questions answered, like the seat belt question (she should wear one below the waistline, below the tummy) and the breastfeeding (yes, it is recommended now over formula) and Vegas (plane ok, rides and smoking to avoid.) The other semi-exciting/weird thing that we did was to feel her cervix, where the baby was. I don't know the female anatomy, so I was totally just going along with it. But through FC's tummy, you were able to feel where the baby would be. It wasn't too weird other than the fact that the doctor's other hand was somewhere else, pushing the cervix up. Somewhere else that wasn't where people usually handle, I suppose that's the way to put it. So the oddness of the sight kinda overrided the feeling of the cervix experience. Oh well, we will be able to see the baby again in 5 weeks, so we're pretty excited.

FC was upset tonight because her appettite was not very good at all, and she had found out today that she's lost a significant amount of weight since the last visit. She's concerned about proper weight gain for the baby, but the doctor didn't seem too worried about it. I feel bad about her lack of appetitte, because I'm eating pretty much normally. Being pregnant doesn't seem to be all that much fun at all. She's still easily worn out too, and it's upsetting her further because she doesn't get to stay up late to see me. I'll give her a big nice hug though, and she'll like that. She's my sweetie.

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