Wednesday, February 19, 2003

We are really leaning toward a Vegas wedding, after searching on the internet on prices and whatnot. It would cost about 500 bucks for the honeymoon (airfare and hotel) and about 150 for the wedding itself. We're not terribly well off, but at least this would be doing it in style, wouldn't it? We're still up in the air about what to do with JL, it seems as though she wanted to go to the wedding, but since our wedding is also our honeymoon, it would be a bit stifling to have her with us. After all, going to Vegas when you're not 21 is like going to Six Flags when you're 2 feet tall. Just not that much fun. But that's still undecided.

We're still batting around names, though it seems that we've already decided on Alex Andrew for a boy. For girl, we've got Madison and something else so far, JL's trying to help us in that department by naming of names in her last year's yearbook. I'm a little picky over names, probably because I tend to avoid association with names of people I already know, regardless of good or bad characters. I like Constance and Zoe because they're different, but they don't go well with my last name. There are other names out there that simply won't work because they're nowhere close to being "Asian" names. Not that Christian names are "Asian" anyway, but there are some names that work, some that don't. Trust me, I hear them and I say "No" pretty quickly.

Well, FC does the inevitable. She put in her phone call to her older daughter yesterday, and told her that we were engaged to be married, and that we were having a baby. From what my FC said, she sounded surprised, and was saying things like, "How could you not know you were pregnant?". It is probably difficult news for her, being how she's closer to her Dad (FC's ex.) and she had to excuse herself off the phone. So now we're just waiting, halfway expecting her ex to act up, but we'll be ready. You would think that two people being in love and having a child would be easier than this.

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