Monday, February 17, 2003

Without making you all wait, here's the first official picture of Baby Loi, and it's coming to be known for now.

This photo, of course, does the real experience no justice whatsoever. The visit to the Imaging Center was nothing short of mind-blowing. We couldn't see the baby with the traditional ultrasound, so they had to use an alternative method that involved a probe and lube, I'll leave it at that. But then we saw the baby and it was simply the most amazing thing I've ever seen. In glorious black and white, the baby was moving so much it was just crazy to watch. At just 11 weeks, we can make out the head, the hands and feet (all of which are intact) and there were several times when the baby was just moving about, the arms and legs were just actively waving about, as if to say "hello" to us out here. It was just an incredible sight to witness, it seemed as if nothing else was important at that point, just seeing the baby be okay and do jumping jacks inside my FC was enough to make me happy for the rest of the week.

So there it is. The lady at the Imaging Center asked, "Is it Baby Roth? And FC said, "Yes... but actually, it's Baby Loi." and that was just amazing. FC is about 11 months into pregnancy, and they found that out by measuring the baby on the computer, which is awesome. Unfortunately, I won't be able to bring in a video camera, but the stills they provide is pretty darn good.

The visit earlier today was rather boring, they were just asking questions and so forth, about our family health history, so nothing to report there. But the imaging center was cool. And I got to see my FC naked again. That was fun. =)

When we were leaving, we were so happy about everything that even the fountain was having a foam party. What a great day.