Thursday, February 13, 2003

Another fine example of why this blog is called "American Baby." It belongs to what I think is a perfect American family. I mean, look at us. We are demographically represented in so many ways, that once the baby is born, there will be at least a 13 year difference between each member of the family. Which is rather cool, I think. And I'm Chinese and my GF is Cauasian (spelling), and our baby will be somewhere in the middle, which is perfect. I think the baby will look great, because one of my friends at work, Karen, has a baby and her husband Joe is Japanese (or half, I forget) and Brandon is the cutest little guy ever. Happy as a button.

Dansen mentioned fatherhood in a rather icky manner, that it's like spreading your genes and how it's made up of genetic material. He also thought that it was somewhat an exercise of narcisscism, to create a little one in your image because you want to help populate the world with your own likeness. I don't really think of it that way, but maybe subconciously, it must be true for some people.

GF and I were talking the other day, and I told her that whenever I hear someone's pregnant, people usually think, "Oh, they're having a baby! How cute! What a cutie the baby will be!" and whatnot. What I think of is rather different. When I hear someone's pregnant, I imagine them shagging. It's probably not normal, but I do. I tend to associate pregnancy with sex perhaps a little more than the act of conceiving a baby, and I don't really think of babies when someone tells me they're pregnant, I just think of them having sex. Sometimes it's interesting, other times it's much like watching the Discovery Channel.

Like, "Hmm, okay. So that's how the Amazon tree frog does it."

Anyway, I brought that up because that's one of my cringy feelings when I tell someone we're pregnant. It's like telling people, "Yes, my GF and I have sex." Which is weird to tell people. I suppose that's just me.

Okay, time for bed.

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