Monday, February 17, 2003

Actually looking forward to later today, because we have the ultrasound scheduled. This ultrasound is not like the one whereby you point around and figure out if it's a boy or a girl - sources who are not myself have told me that that happens in the fifth month, and we're in the 10th week. Which is like 3 months? At any rate, this ultrasound is just to confirm that the baby is coming along fine, happy as a clam, and so forth. It's a strange feeling really, because I'm looking forward to today, but I don't exactly know what it is I'm supposed to be looking forward to.

Just any information I guess. I'll be bringing my digital camera for archival purposes. Her OB will be pleased.

Franklin's twitching in his sleep. It's rather hilarious.

We decided a few days ago that "Zoe" might not be a good name to go for a girl, because "Zoe Loi" sounds too much like "Zoey Loiy", which probably means something obscene in Sanskrit. I think if I were the most evil of all parents, I would name my kid "Lois" if she is a girl. That would likely put me in the standing for most insensitive unthoughtful parent ever. So we're looking for the baby name book that we got before when we got Wilbur, our second cat. Petunia would be a good name.

For a cow.

In 1902.

In the South.

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