Monday, February 17, 2003

It's been two days since we posted, sorry about the delay, it's been a rather hectic few days.

Well, Valentine's Day was pretty exciting being how I proposed to my GF and she accepted, which made it official. From henceforth, GF will be refered to as, "FC". "Fiance," that is. First and foremost, I would like to thank Cody for his help, because without him, my scheme would not have worked at all. I don't think I'm going to go into detail what happened that day, just a real quick summary perhaps.

We went to Boss Tweed for lunch and my FC actually got nervous, because she had seen me fuddle around in the car and she thought I was going to pop the question then and there. It was just a bit of trickery on my part, a stuffed animal that pretended to be a ring. She was actually relieved, though by how she gave me most of her food because of her lack of appetite (baby seems to be a vegetarian, hates meat, kinda likes fish on odd days.) I had two bowls of clam chowder and about half of her clam strips. The funny thing was, I got the All you can eat cod and didn't even get a refill.

The second time I tried to trick her, I think she was already wisened up to it. It was just candy, and I don't think she was as surprised when I pulled it out. When we got home, she knew something was up when she saw the balloons that were lined up. The proposal was recorded on video camera, but when we watched it we decided it was something of a lackluster. Mind you, we both were very happy we were engaged, and we were happy to get it done, but the dramatics of the surprise wasn't there, and we were both rather normal on camera. But now it's exciting for us anyhow, it seems as if the engagement has brought us even closer. It seems like almost my life has expanded to fully include hers as well, it's a rather gratifying feeling.

We don't have a wedding date set yet, and I've thrown the idea of going to Vegas to marry and honeymoon. Don't know why, but I've kinda wanted to go to Vegas, and this would probably be our last chance to go for, what, the next 15 years? We might have a quickie one here, but who knows. Neither of us are real keen on a ceremony at all, so we'll just see what happens.