Saturday, February 22, 2003

FC said something that I found to be funny this morning. She was going to count the number of times she goes to the bathroom today. The she went on to say that she didn't used to drink this much water, and in the past, she just held it until she absolutely had to go. But due to the baby, she's been not resisting her natural urges. So there's our body function story for the week.

FC's been sleeping up to eight hours a day nowadays, and she still gets tired by the end of the night. And since we work opposite shifts, there are some days whereby I only see her once or twice a day, and it's beginning to affect our dynamic a little. I think, as FC would agree, that we do need to spend more time together, just being goofy and kicking each other's butts. Except now I'll have to let her win, because bullying pregnant fiances is often frowned about in general.

FC also said that her belly was beginning to harden, and I was wondering if that was evolution's way of preparing the body for the body, sorta a hardening of the shell to protect the baby kinda thing. I think I'm still at the point where I'm liking the idea of having a baby, but haven't overloaded myself with baby literature yet. Probably won't, since I'm not really into reading books. (Syrinx screams somewhere.) If they made baby magazines with lots of pictures... Well, I'm there.

So Monday's another big day, when FC has to go into the OB again, this time for the emmio or something. This is when a long needle is inserted into her belly, and I pass out, and then while the doctors are attending to the foaming mess that will be me, FC would go, "Excuse me, there's a needle sticking out of me here, hello!" Anyway, some fluid is taken out and there is enough genetic information to test for stuff like Down Syndrome, gender, and a bunch of other stuff I can't remember. Initially, I was riding a lot on this test but after the baby video we saw on the ultrasound, it's no longer a deciding factor about anything, just another test. The exciting thing would be that we'll be finding out the gender, so that's cool. Names are closing in to a point, Alex Andrew for boy, and either Zoe or Madison for a girl.

So, the voting commences! Zoe, or Madison? Madison, or Zoe? In the grand tradition of reality TV voting, put in your two cents or write your own candidate on the ballot! (Of course, like Network TV, we can always change the majority vote for ratings purposes...)

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