Thursday, February 20, 2003

Been thinking a little bit about baby furniture, and how I'm leaning toward used baby furniture. You think about it, after the baby outgrows it in two years or whatever the baby-span of that furniture is, the furniture is virtually useless. Couldn't really do anything with it other than have another baby. Which we are not planning. But we know how that goes.

But anyway, since you're talking to a guy who bought used display tables from Freddy's for $5 each, and then after using it in a play, is using it for a dining room table and a coffee table, I'm just a cheapskate. I'm a firm believer of using something until it breaks, so buying certain baby furniture would probably force me to grind my teeth. FC said that she would foot the costs, but I'm still kinda iffy about spending so much money on something like that. No doubt we will have to buy some baby furniture, but I'll try to keep it in check.

Why when I was a little toddler, I didn't have a stroller, my mother just stuck me in a rubber tire and rolled me everywhere. And cribs were for wussies, I slept on straw! Baby formula, forget it! I was eating blended steaks by the second month!

No, really. It's a true story.

And I was born potty-trained. Diapers were for novices.

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