Saturday, February 22, 2003

Somewhat unrelated post that fascinated the inner geek in me (or some would say, "Inner? It's stamped on your forehead, potato.")


Yes, I'm a boy, and I'd like to talk about sperm.

What used to be the by product of boredom tinged with primal needs has turned into something quite fascinating. The egg is also interesting, but since I don't know as much about them, I'm not really getting into it right now. But I was thinking about the amount of information that exists in a single sperm cell - DNA, hair color, gender, family history, characteristics, probably even life span... It's very amazing that there's just so much stored into a little swimmer. AND, the ability to swim beyond all odds to the intended target, while its fellow swimmers are being eradicated on the way. I even watched something on TLC that was even cooler.

Of course, this is kinda relevant only to porn stars and people with multiple partners, not myself or any of you readers out there. But the program said that recently, they discovered that sperm are somewhat like soldiers, in a sense that when there were multiple partners, the first donor's sperm had two stances - attack the egg and fertilize it, and defend the fort and kill the second donor's sperm. No kidding. It was on TV, so it's real. They even showed video of the defending sperm swimming over and doing a cannonball on the second donor's sperm, spearheading it and killing it. Then doing a victory swim and hi-oneing the other sperm from the first donor.

The same day I was thinking about this, I was thinking the way other a geek would think about sperm. Compression. Technology now hinges on compression, the kinda technique that makes video games, media files, and programs possible and more advance. Sperm is the ultimate compresser of genetic information. It's quite amazing.

All right, I'm done talking about sperm.

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