Wednesday, February 26, 2003

Well, I told my mother yesterday over the phone, and it didn't really go over well. She has not even intially accepted my relationship with my FC, always maintaining that she doesn't want to acknowledge it at all. She tells me that she doesn't make a fuss about it when I visit her because she doesn't want to drive me further away, and now that I'm telling her that I'm getting married to her, I'm not giving her much choice in the matter. I had to go on and tell her that I wanted to include her into our lives, and that I didn't want our child to grow up not seeing or knowing her grandmother.

How is it that sometimes two people are fortunate enough to find each other, but they still have to prove their love to those around them? Outer appearances aside, if anyone really took the time to get to know us, they'd know us to be pretty close to each other.

I kinda know where my mother is coming from, and I know she's dreading telling family back home, traditional Chinese feelings towards relationships and lifestyles outside their norms. So she does have some issues with family back in Singapore. The other thing is that she's afraid of me getting hurt, which I told her - any relationship is bound to have its moments whereby somebody gets hurt, but that doesn't just stop you from seeking them.

Sigh. It's ironic that everyone's been so accepting of our relationship except my mother and my brother, who are my only family in the States. You'd think I just told them I was in love with a cross-dressing giraffee with a cocaine addiction.

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