Saturday, March 01, 2003

Was fantasizing about taking care of the baby today, but I guess I mean taking care of it as a toddler. Like I would let the toddler watch old movies before they got violent and vulgar, and letting the the toddler listen to the Beatles. But then I was thinking, what if the toddler asks, "Can we go watch the Beatles?" and I had to say, "well, John and George aren't around anymore."

"Why?" the toddler would ask.

Then I would have to discuss Death, which I don't really know how to approach. "Well, they go to sleep and forget to wake up."

That's just a little disconcerting. And I'm sure that toddlers don't really wanna know that everyone dies, it's hard for them to grasp that.

I think I'm worrying myself... to death. I'm sure it'll sort itself out. I'll just tell my kid that John and George went to India for enlightment.

Oh, and we got our wedding bands today, that was cool. They were having a sale on them, and we actually used some of FC's income tax money to buy it. I'll have to buy it back from her because I don't think I could be known as the guy who did not buy his wife's wedding rings. That would be irresponsible of me.

At any rate, FC and I are actually itching to wear them. It's like a cool accessory for the both of us. I have a feeling that once I put mine on, the fit is so tight that I would never be able to take it off in the future.

Which is probably what my FC would prefer. :)

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