Wednesday, February 26, 2003

So... my aunt emails me and gives me, basically, a hard time about the intend to marry, so I had to write a long reply professing my love to my FC. How odd is that.

FC has been eating rather strangely, by that I don't mean that she hasn't been able to stomach chicken or beef, but she has a new way of eating Macaroon cookies. She bought a container of it, and they're these odd coconut cookies with chocolate frosting, the kind of cookies that, well, maybe pregnant people like, but she can't stand the chocolate. She peels off the chocolate bit and basically has a coconut cookie. She leaves this pile of chocolate flakes on the plate, which I don't eat because it's tainted with coconuts. Now this is amusing due to the fact that my FC is the kind of cutie that eats chocolate fudge ice cream with chocolate fudge on top of it. She's a choco monster.

My FC just asked me if I had any Playboys.

She's a porn monster.

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