Monday, March 03, 2003

FC has been worried lately because she hasn't felt like she's been pregnant, which includes nausea, loss of appetite, and big tumminess. She's worried that there might be something wrong with the baby, but I tell her that it's probably okay. The body will signal in a grand way if something is indeed wrong with the baby, and it's kinda odd, really. She can't eat a lot of days and she's not having any fun foods, but now that she can, she's worried that the baby's not well. Being sick seems like a healthy indication that the baby is doing its thing.

We looked at some baby clothes yesterday, even if it is too early for that. FC and I were agreeing that baby's clothes shouldn't always either be blue or pink, we think that it's rather annoying that most clothing manufacturers do that. This may have something to do with babies looking androgynous when they're pups, and most people will mistake your boy for a girl and vice versa. But the color thing's moot compared to the graphics on the clothing. So if I have a boy, it will be either trucks, bulldozers, baseball, fire engines or US Marines? (Ok, I didn't really see any Marines.) And if I have a girl, it will be either butterflies, flowers, or sassy little words? (Like Princess, or Pretty, or Girl Power.)

Anyway, we decided that we would either choose neutral colors like yellow or green or gray, and try to choose little graphics that are animals. Animals are cool, and they don't declare its gender in such a generalized way. Sure, I do want my child to have a sexual identity, but man alive, you don't see me wearing things with heavy machinery or sports related logos on it.

But anyone who knows me will see that I don't really care what I wear. Usually it's as cool as I can afford, without subscribing to an establishment, or corporate entity. Actually, I do have a thing with dress shirts, oddly enough. Well, enough of that. You'll see my baby in a dress outfit all the time now.

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