Monday, March 03, 2003

Just got off the phone with my Mom, and it seems that she has begun to come to terms with my relationship with my Fiance. She's been thinking about it, and talking to my aunt about it, and it seems that she is still a little disappointed at me, but I have to reassure her that this is the best relationship I have and ever be in, and I'm so happy with my FC that it seems criminal that we're having so much fun.

She wants to meet my FC now, which should adequately freak my FC out now. I think it'll be fine, but you try telling her that.

I asked my mom if she's thought of names, and she said that it was pretty much up to us. I asked her if she could think of the Chinese names and she told me that her head was going to explode. With no humorous undertones at all. So, I'm letting her pace it, the whole acceptance thing, but I'm glad she came around and is willing to give it a shot.

My brother however, seems to have turned it into an entirely different matter...

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