Wednesday, March 05, 2003

Okay, I shouldn't discuss this with friends, but I'm just curious. We were pretty set on getting married in Vegas, but because my mom made a comment about not being invited to go to my brother's swearing in at the courthouse, I've been entertaining the thought of just getting married in Bellingham, and being able to invite my mom, JL, and my friends. I'm going back and forth on this, because the another reason for all this worry is because it will cost money to get hitched in Vegas, as it would here. I think it'll both come out to be the same, but I'm just not sure. FC and I have talked about it, and she doesn't mind going either way, we're sorta hinging it on the visit to my mum's next week. If it goes well, we will consider a ceremony here, and if it doesn't go as well, maybe we'll just fly to Vegas and get it done by Elvis. What do you folks think?

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