Monday, May 12, 2003

Our friend Karen brought over a few things that her little boy Brendan used to enjoy, including some of his infant clothes and a walker (He's all mobile and adventurous now!), and it all looks like pretty cool stuff. I haven't seen all of it, but we do appreciate Karen and Brendan's kindness is sharing their stuff! Hooray for non-naked babies! Thanks K and B!

Finally finished (more or less, the VHS is done anyway.) the wedding that I've dragged out since last September. Jill and Brett have been so very patient at me being so very lame. I've put off their wedding to do my demo, another wedding, the Hamster Report/The Scene, and god knows what else. I've decided that from now on, I have to maintain my business reputation by not being lame, and having a faster turnaround time. When 4 weddings in three months, I'm a little afraid as to what might happen to my sanity. Why didn't I go into wedding photography again?

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