Sunday, July 20, 2003

Baby got Gifts!

Andrew Alex will be the most well provided for kid I know because of all the cool stuff that were given to us yesterday by friends and family at our baby shower. It was a dual baby shower, with a brilliant cake that was half for Andrew Alex and the other half for Kylie Lynn, who is Breeana's adorable little button of a baby. Kylie made the rounds yesterday, being held by a lot of people who wanted to see her tiny little nose and tiny little feet. It was really cool holding her, especially when she was lounging in your arms.

I got some photo albums up and running, so feel free to peruse at will. Thanks to my brother for taking so many good photos of everyone, and thanks to myself for not setting my camera correctly to produce pictures that weren't all so dark. Grumble, grumble.

Ron's Pictures --- and my pictures...

A few observations about the event. I started feeling really guilty about all the money and effort that other people have put into us this year, starting with the wedding, the bridal shower/bachelor party, and the baby shower. Beyond all the material and monetary loot that we have accumulated, it has really developed a sense of appreciation for me, for friends and family to show their support and love in however way they can. Thanks, everyone, it's nice to know that we're being watched out for.

My mom and brother and sister-in-law and mother-in-law were just a few of the people that showed, and it was fun seeing them again. So I'm all warm and fuzzy now, and realizing that the baby isn't that far away, getting really really stoked about meeting my son and holding him in my arms. Giving him lots of kisses and trying not to blind him with my flash, which apparently is possible since I noticed yesterday that Kylie doesn't blind when the flash goes, so flashes aren't that great probably for the baby.

Alright, I have to go edit now. Before noon rolls around.

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