Friday, July 18, 2003

Hopefully I can get back on some sort of regular schedule with the writing. The sickness, and the complete boredom of my duties at work, added with the stress of having all these damn weddings to finish has rendered me a little flaky. Can't pay much attention to anything, because my mind is constantly thinking about related things and worrying about other things.

So, some baby related goodies, what with this being a baby blog and all.

Day before yesterday, Karen and Jessica brought over a plethroa of baby furniture for us, glorious hand-me-downs that will endow Baby with much comfort. Included are carseat, stroller, bouncer, walker, boppy, diaper genie, swing, bassinet, baby bath tub, clothes, play tent, play pen... just overwhelming inventory of cool stuff that they loaned to us. I also put together the crib that night and the baby room is pretty much stocked to the ceiling with tons of furniture. This may very well be the most provided for baby ever. So thanks to Karen and Jessica, and their kindness is very much appreciated. Originally we were pretty much going to put him in paper bag or something, be a Roman baby and be in togas all the time.

Brendon and Maralise also felt the baby kick yesterday, and they thought it was plenty cool, because it's such a great surprise. I mean, you know there's going to be a kick, you know there's a baby in there doing it, but that doesn't seem to stop it from being the greatest feeling in the world. Hopefully, that helped alleviate the weirdness that happened to the both of them yesterday, when they were let go from their jobs. I feel really bad for them, and hope they can find something soon. I hear the job market's really not great around here, or let alone anywhere else.

The baby shower is going to be tomorrow, but it seems almost irrelevant because Karen and Jessica already gave us pretty much, all the essentials that we'll need. But at least my sister in law will finally get to meet my wife. It's funny, I think I'm more excited about her meeting my wife than my brother. Yeah.


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