Saturday, January 10, 2004

So let it be known that it is now confirmed - we will be having another little person join our family. We went to the doctor's yesterday to do a double checkup - one for Alex and one for my wife. The poor little guy had his shots again yesterday, four pricks that sent him screaming in pain! He was either sleepy or sore yesterday, and today's he's just a bit sore from yesterday still.

But when they weighed him yesterday, he was clocking in at 17.7 pounds, which is quite a milestone for the little guy, having doubled his birth weight, and grown into Diaper Level 3, which is 16-24 pounds. As for developmental growth, he is certainly laughing a lot more, cooing a lot more, and does occasionally sleep in till 9am. Of course, I only hear about those days from my wife - he usually wakes up at 6am for me.

So the doctor at the office guesses that her due date to be somewhere in August - we would need to do an ultrasound to find out a more accurate estimation of the baby's arrival. Then Maralise tells us that since Alex was born in September, the school cutoff date would be that he would be joining school a little older than most his age, and with his new sibling on the way, that would mean that they could very well be in the same grade, in the same graduating class. Furthermore, she added, for a few weeks they could possibly even be the same age...

I guess we're not doing normal anytime soon!

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