Monday, December 22, 2003

That's right, only three more days to Christmas, and then my world will transform into the likes of... Vice City! Occasionally will I be landing on the beaches of Normandy to battle zee Germans, but otherwise I will be neck deep in PS2 goodness. Whoopee!

At least I won't be battling my Christmas flu, which happened to me last year and tried to threaten me again this year. Luckily for me, I fought off the fever of 100.4 simply by being really tired and worn out, and then taking the world's hottest shower. Followed by sweating myself in bed with layers of clothing and blanket for about 9 hours of sleep. Treatment like that would cure anything because your brain's so convinced that it's dead that all the parasites will leave your body, looking for a more habitable environment.

I've been really careful about breathing on Alex, and he seems like he's staying pretty healthy. He's close to perfecting the art of rolling over, going from an exasperated "No, not rolling over again," to a nonchalant, "Okay, this is getting a bit old." But no, he's a baby. That tone of resistance is usually reserved for teenage girls. Bah.

So, we're walking over to Cody and Michelle's to drop off a new batch of crystal meth, because you know, they're such big patrons that once a week won't do anymore, and my wife starts telling me that she wouldn't mind having another one. Another one as in another baby! We banter about it for a while, with me saying that she must not miss sleep all that much, and her saying that it would be fun if Alex had a sibling closer to his age... and we pretty much settled on the fact that we should at least wait until we pay off the first hospital bill first. Stupid thousand dollar invoice.

Speaking of which, we were watching the baby's birth on videotape, and I think my wife is suddenly on my side of this arguement - videotape your child's birth. It is the most invaluable thing in the world, despite the fact that your wife is half nude in the most inglorious of situations and the worst possible lighting, there's screaming involved, and the fact that this daddy sobs like some crazed loon with a nasal congestion - it is still one of the most touching and wonderful and joyous things to watch. For the most part, it is strictly this kind of experience for mom and dad, and perhaps the child later on in life. Others may find it weird or boring, but it is simply a great piece of history. I had shoddy camerawork considering that I was pulling double duty, but whatever video I did get is still amazing. It's like watching something entirely different than my memory, like I don't remember crying so much, or that Alex took so long to let out his first cry (and didn't stop for a while after he started!). It's just beyond anything describable. Wow. Wow wow wow.

And now, to space!

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