Wednesday, November 19, 2003

I'm taking a break from my editing frenzy because I got stuck in a technical rut. Hobbes, my external hard drive that I use for editing got full because of a previous wedding, and since Calvin, my computer's hard drive, is nary bigger than 13 Gigs, I had to dump out old footage before finishing the LAST WEDDING I WILL DO IN MY LIFE PROFESSIONALLY. I tried transferring the done wedding to tape, but I soon discovered that my camera is seriously messed up. I put a new tape in and there's various blocking issues. So now I'm encoding the movie into a DVD and it's ongoing into the 2nd day now. Anyway, enough jargon.

These past few days have been kinda hectic for me, because the last wedding mom requested a copy of the wedding, and four days ago it wasn't even started. But now, it's a little past the ceremony and I'm fresh out of space. We even had Maralise come over last night to watch Alex so I could get some editing done, but no dice. Technical difficulties galore.

But the prospect that the wedding thing will no longer be over my head is very very enticing, and I dream about all these exciting things that I can do with my free time again. Burn DVDs, write scripts, watch movies, and of course, play with my son. Burn DVDs of my old movie projects and dozens of old home videos, and write out the two ideas that I have in my head. One's a comedy about... us. College grads stuck in a lousy rut. And the other's more of a thriller. A revenge flick without a lot of blood or gore. And movies - I have not seen a lot of movies in so long, it's ridiculous. I dubbed Bowling for Columbine and have yet to watch it. And my son - it will be so nice to just gush over him and take crazy video of him without feeling guilty for not editing. It's strange, but I don't even mind the idea of editing other things - just not weddings. Editing while worrying about what people want and expect is hard.

Been thinking a lot of a lot of things, like fatherhood, role models, and what not. Wondering what kind of teenager he would be - a respectful young man with tons of creativity, or some skateboarding punk who chain-smokes and swears like... me when I was a teenager. Admittedly, I do think that my parenting will be different than a lot of parents out there, because I don't necessarily subscribe to the "parent as friend" motto. A lot of kids out there wouldn't survive under my rule because of the way they disrespect their parents. It's not so much an authority thing, or a "do it my way, the right way, and the only way to do it because I said so," thing. It really is more about knowing your place in the world, that elders deserve more respect, that everyone should be treated with manners.

Well, enough of that. You're not my baby so I shouldn't be preaching to you. But anyway, being so close to finishing weddings is tremendously exciting. It's like my second graduation.

Hmm. I have a lot going through my mind but I shall refrain from just letting it pour out of my head unfiltered. There needs to be some sort of organization in my blog.

My wife took a bunch of pictures of him in clothes that he's outgrown for memory's sake tonight, some of which are really adorable. The baby shower one that my mom got him, with the baseball butt? He's already outgrown it. He's just outgrowing everything and learning to speak a little. Tonight he's dressed in blue stripes, kinda like a cold zebra.

Okay, I'm done.

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