Monday, November 10, 2003

It's nice to actually have news about the baby, and not the silly little rants of his father.

Today was the dreaded day of shots, a day that my wife has not been looking forward to. I've been okay about it, pretty much, and after today, will probably still not think of it as a day unlike any other. But the little guy went in today with us and my mom, who was visiting for two days, and we found out his new weight!

He's now weighing in at 13 pounds, 10 ounces, and is now 24 inches long! I guess the doctor said that he was in the top percentile of his growth rate, which means that he's quite a big boy, though not big like it was bad or anything. So, all the regular stuff got checked out, and then he got four different shots in his thighs. Vaccinations for all these different things that I didn't have when I was a baby. He cried quite the sad painful cry, and my wife started crying for him too. It was a little cringe-inducing watching the nurse Aaron just plunge the needle in with such impunity, but he was quite easily comforted. After that, we went around town and my mom was really nice to spend quite a bit of money on us, helping us with baby food, diapers, and groceries. She knew we were broke and wanted to help out a bit. For the most part, he slept after the doctor's visit - I guess we were relatively lucky because sometimes the babies are so sore from the shots they just cry their heads off. But our little guy just slept a lot, and then in the evening, he seemed good as new. Setting him down in the crib to change him, I got the biggest smile that really made my week. Of course, he was really smiling at the mobile, but that smile will always win my heart.

Feeling a bit bad for my mom though, I haven't been talking that much to her probably because my brain's just stopped working. I'm no longer witty, and I've lost some of my sharpness. I would say I'm pretty much like mild cheddar now. Used to think I was more in the line of Havarti or Pepper Jack, but I'm feeling like Mild Cheddar. Oh well, guess it's not all that bad. I got a little cheeseball to make me happy anyhow.

Back to work tomorrow. Have to work and then drive my mom back home, and then work on Friday. Hmm.

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