Monday, November 03, 2003

Well, it's bound to happen sometime, but the little guy has caught his first bug, of the microscopic kind, that it. We suspect he has a cold.

My wife noticed his wheezy nose today at the mall, and right now he's wiggling about restlessly, probably not really thrilled about his limited nasal abilities. That, on top of being always unable to find his thumb, makes for a very tired and unhappy little baby!

Yesterday I got a little excited and took a bunch of pictures of him. It's nice to just indulge in a little parenthood pride once in a while.

Right now I put him on his front so that he could sorta wear himself out by trying to hold himself up and look around. I'm intermittedly glancing at him and typing on the blog so that he won't just get his nose buried on the bed or anything. It's good exercise for him - and a break for me to do some blogging. He doesn't seem to be complaining too much. Just a few grunts and huffs.

Hmm. I should edit.

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