Thursday, November 27, 2003

Parents Date Night

Once you've become a parent, there is nothing singular about anything you do anymore. When you go shopping, you have to pick up baby formula. When the baby's sleeping, you're often running around doing other chores. When you're watching TV, chances are you're trying to rock the little guy to sleep. So yesterday, when my wife and I were on our first date without any kids, it was also a Christmas shopping thing as well. Our exciting date at Wal-mart, if you must. We are masters of Multitasking. Thanks to Brendon and Maralise for helping us watch the kids while we paint the town red, before I forget.

So we got a few things, and I hate to go on record, but I took care of all my friends before family, which is kinda weird. But that's done, and I'm pretty happy with that. But we did go out for Teriyaki and some tomfoolery - me singing an obscene song that we made up and just making horrible jokes about anything - just because we can. Dinner was yummy, and Wal-mart was interesting. But cheap, so it overrides interesting fairly easily. After that, we were out of things to do and it was getting late, but we decided to go to Red Robin to get some foo foo drinks. Since I do not really partake in liquor too much, foo foo pretty drinks are my weapon of choice. It was really cool to sit in the restaurant, her drinking a Jamaican Something, and me drinking a Coco Something, just chatting and having a bit of fun. Her drink had strong Vodka overtones, while mine was pretty weak, like I like it. I took a sip of hers and my bladder was screaming, "Pee!" Goes right through me.

Anyway. We went home and the little one was already out, so we hung out with B and M for a little while before we ourselves went to bed. She was wearing a Relic shirt that Freddy's used to hand out during Christmas parties (leftovers from promotions) and I took the first sleepy shirt on top of my clean pile and it was a Relic shirt too! So we spent the rest of the night calling each other "Twin" and doing some silly little jokes, like my biting her and saying, "I'm going to bite myself now, Twin." The goofing around ended when she accidently plunged her elbow at the back of my neck, and rendered me a low grade headache. She herself popped her back while I was kicking her ass. So, the twins went to bed broken and happy!

By the way, Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

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