Sunday, November 30, 2003

Thanksgiving was actually kinda fun, and there are a few new pictures on imagestation, so visit is so inclined. My mom and my brother and sister-in-law came up and we all had dinner and chowed down on cheesecake as well, and it was all quite nice.

Today was kinda strange, because last night there was a big confrontation with my wife and my stepdaughter, who exclaimed that my wife was a mean mom. I know this not to be true especially when her father forgets to pick her up both the day before Thanksgiving and on Thanksgiving Day itself, and that the meanest thing that my wife has done to her in the past few weeks is laundry, homework, and cleaning her room. In contrast to her sister and her father, anyone would be mean. So it sorta did get resolved, but not really. So today the family dynamic was totally thrown off.

I did, however, have a great day with my son today. I had to return a movie by noon so I took him with me, got him all dressed up, and noticed what a great day it was. So I got his jacket and pooh hat, and took him for a stroll in his little stroller. I talked to him all the way to the park, and he looked so happy to be spending time with me. A smile here and there, and just looking at me and studying me. When we got to the park, he got a little fussy so I took him out and held him, and told him about the trees, and the grass. When it gets warmer, I told him, and when he gets older, I'll chase him around on the grass, and I told him about all season trees and summer trees - that summer trees lose all their leaves and look bald, but the other trees stay green. I told him the playground went missing, probably taken away before of fallen trees and over anxious parents. As I was walking him home, he just fell asleep.

Later when my wife and I were getting ready to leave for shopping, I was buckling him in and he was just smiling for me. It's an amazing feeling when my little boy smiles for me, it's just indescribable, really. Everything you thought was important and beautiful paled in comparison to this little guy, smiling just for me and he's smiling so broadly that his nose crinkles, and a little bit of his tougue sticks out. It's just the happiest thing for me right now.

When we got to Wal-mart, I changed his diaper, the first time I've done it in a public place, and boy, it's weird. First, he had neon green poop - like the ecto-plasm stuff in Ghostbusters, just a odd pea color which managed to smell worse than it looked. Then he started crying, and I got all confused. But in the end it was okay. A little different when you feel like you're being watched.

I'll have to see if I got his smile on camera and share you with you guys.

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