Thursday, June 03, 2004

My father-in-law has graciously offered to front the money, if we found something that we liked, to buy a used van this weekend at the car auction, and then when we sold my wife's Kia, we'd use the money to pay him back. This, of course, puts all kinds of ideas and questions in our head, like how that would work with the bank, and whether or not we really need a bigger vehicle.

Wilbur had to go to the vet today, due to some sneezing and we found out that he had a respiratory infection, which isn't a huge surprise considering that he's been outside for the past two weeks, we assume. Ironically, the rain and cold that gave him that probably saved his life as well, with the cooler weather and the rain that was probably the only water he had access to. We're guessing he was under the neighbor's house, but we're speculating. If it wasn't for Franklin's Fat Ass sitting on the crawlspace cover and caving it in, Wilbur would probably still be stuck in there. But we're just guessing.

Last night a meteor zoomed past the whole state, disappating into the atmosphere. It was cool to hear about it, and it was cool to see it on surveillance cameras, but it really would've been something to see it. The videos are similar to the ones I videotaped during a lighting storm (and slowed the footage down), but it was still cool to watch. Imagine seeing that with the human eye. I would think that one would assume the worse at that point.

Me, I was sleeping. Story of my life.

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