Monday, November 01, 2004


Since I haven't posted for about a week, thought I should do some catching up. For those of you keeping notes at home, I suppose.

Her First Laugh

So on Saturday, Brendon and Maralise came over to hang out, and Maralise is looking pregnant and Brendon is looking pretty sexy in his Carhartt pants. We gave them a bunch of clothes that Alex outgrew, and the night was going on pretty normally, but when my wife and stepdaughter was in the garage getting more clothes, Zoe started laughing. A cute little chuckle the lasted for about a minute, in short little spurts. I don't know what she was laughing at at first - it could either be Alex playing with his rattle, or Maralise talking or laughing about something. But I yelled for my wife, and yelled, and yelled. But she was done laughing about it when she resurfaced. But it was just the cutest little laugh. Alex's first laugh was when Maralise was over too. Something in her voice, I suppose!

She's also smiling a lot more now, if you're directly in front of her talking to her or doing some kind of baby talk. She's got such a cute little smile - sorta makes up for all those cranky expressions for the past two months.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Yes, I caved and bought the game, putting most of it on my credit card. It was on sale at work, so I had to get it. Impressions of it? Going from mixed to liking it a lot. Vice City's still got the better soundtrack and Ray Liota, but the complexity of San Andreas is nothing to discount. This should keep me super busy for the next six months...

Well, there's a video game calling for me. San Andreas - represent, baby!

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