Friday, March 14, 2003

Old post from yesterday when blogger was down...

Anyway, this entry is about a discussion with FC tonight. I read more about amniocentesis and told FC about it, and when she read more about it we were wary of the whole process. There's 1 in 200 chance that something could happen and miscarriage could occur. Reading more about it, it seems that a lot of it could be doctor error as well. A lot of women go through it and they're just fine, but the risk is there and for us, it doesn't seem to be worth risking. So we might cancel the appointment and skip it. The process is just testing for genetic defects, and we're not really concerned about that because no matter what, we're keeping the baby.

So the old wives methods of telling the gender of the baby is saying we're having a girl.

People are saying we're having a boy.


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