Wednesday, March 12, 2003

What Pregnant Women Dream About

FC told me that last night, the baby was really active inside her, just jiggling and wiggling, freakin' booties speaking to the cuties so belligerent (sorry, listening to Gorillaz).

But the cool thing was her dream. Apparently she dreamt that she was giving birth to a baby, and when she did, it was in a hoagie sandwich. We had to clean the baby out of the Hoagie buns, and take the lettuce out of its passageways so it wouldn't choke. So lah di dah, next she was trying to feed the baby and it turned into a monkey. Which is my fault due to my constant use of the word. Then it wouldn't feed because of... she had to send me to Home Depot to find an adaptor, let's leave it at that. So I went to Home Depot, but ran into some friends, and completely forgot about the adaptor, and my FC was mad at me.

I love my FC and if we had a baby monkey, that would be okay too. Good thing I speak Monkey fluently.

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