Friday, January 16, 2004

We had our ultrasound appointment today for our second little one, and while little Alex was squirming away and being a crazy little contortionist, my wife was busy trying not to pee all over the office because she had loaded up on liquids before the appointment, per doctors orders. Admittedly, this second ultrasound didn't have the profoundness of the first, but it was still pretty special to have the radiologist point out the little peanut shaped being with a beating heart. Our new little one is eight weeks and 2 days old, and that's prebirth of course.

Never did understand the counting of weeks and months into the pregnancy and then again after birth. Kinda confusing if you ask me.

But anyway, the little one hasn't even developed arms or legs yet, just a little "tadpole" with "nubbins" for limbs. When we first met Alex, he was 11 or 12 weeks into the pregnancy, and quite a bit of physical development had already taken place. But this new little one was too young to tell a whole lot, just that there was a beating heart in a very warm place. Not averting to my wife's full bladder, of course.

Now my wife and I do think it's too soon to have another, having just gone through labor not that long ago. But I think that I have been really affected by the second pregnancy, having all these thoughts about my future and having to deal with some of my aspirations that are now in question. My wife sees this and it breaks her heart, and she's not feeling really happy for me - despite my reassurances that it will all turn out fine. Of course, it will all turn out fine - because my wife and I will see to it that it happens that way. I'm glad I married my wife because this road ahead is going to be filled with a lot of challenges and it's going to just suck every now and then, but I know my best friend in the world, who also happens to be my significant other, is the best partner to take along on this path of parenthood.

Hmm. Am losing my train of thought, so I'd better go to bed. Boy, I get tired so easily now. Must be the age.

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