Saturday, April 10, 2004

I'll post it when I get a chance, but the teethies are starting to pop up! At least one on the bottom and one on top, just surfacing through the gums and playing peekaboo. Of course, the little boy is expressing his happiness about this whole thing by screaming his head off occasionally, because it's quite painful for him. These aren't just the normal cries for attention, mind you. These are high-pitched, brain-vibrating, soul-shaking screams that will unearth you from your feet and bash you over the head.

But we're trying to be very understanding of his pain - trying not to let the screaming get to us too much. It really unsettles us because we're just trying to change the poor little guy, or just hold him, and he's just screaming as if his limb is being ripped off. But teeth is a good thing, pretty soon he'll be able to eat more than just mush!

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