Tuesday, April 06, 2004

I've had this story swirling in my head for the past week, and I'm well into page 8 but I'm finding problems finding the time to actually sit down and write. After tending to Mr. Rashy Butt tonight and got him into bed, TV was just infinitely more interesting than what my brain wanted to do after a day's work. Of course, "Armageddon" was on and I realized what a slick piece of bloated crap it was. I still watched, nonetheless.

As I mentioned briefly, poor baby has quite a rashy little situation. Could be the 12 hour diapers or something else, don't know - so we're just ointmenting his butt to the extreme. And that phrase will bring more hits to the website when people search the internet for "ointmenting his butt."

My wife called for a WIC appointment, and it seems like we would be able to qualify for it, which would help a lot considering our money problem. Considering the formula is $17 bucks a can (21 if you get it elsewhere) and he goes through about a can a week, that'll help us out a lot. Plus some vouchers for milk and eggs? We've never been real big on accepting help from the state, but we're needing this. And when Peanut comes along, the aid will certainly aleviate the wallet. Just today I had to buy formula with my credit card because we ran out.

Well, I'm kinda out of thoughts.

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