Monday, March 29, 2004

Happy Anniversary to Us!

It was very nice, just me and the wife going to Vancouver for a little alone time. There were moments of me trying to maximize everything, but there were moments whereby we just enjoyed ourselves and felt like just a couple, the two of us, and nobody else.

We didn't get there till almost 6, what with having to drop Alex off with Karen, who had the good heart to watch the little guy. Then we followed some directions from Mapquest and found our hotel. We had stayed there once before with Brendon and Maralise, when one of my films was up at the Asian American Film Festival. That felt like almost a lifetime ago.

So we got our room, and noticed there were 2 Double Beds. So we went back down and asked for a Single Queen, and when we went into the room, turned out now there was only 1 double bed. It was like us asking for a downgrade. But I think it was probably just because the Queens looked smaller than we were used to.

So we took the Skytrain down to Granville and walked along Granville and Robson Street. It was just bustling considering that it was a Sunday night and half the shops were already closed, but there was enough people to feel semi safe. We did have a couple swearing weirdos ask us for change, you know, the able-bodied men who look like they lost their way rather than lose a chance, and we were feeling a slight heightened sense of security. Things sure do change when you have a wife who's pregnant and a baby at home who needs you. Vulnerability now longer applies just to you. But nothing happened, we just walked around, looked at the bookstores and ate at Red Robin. (Note: Red Robins in Canada are still overpriced for mediocre food.) Then walking back, my wife informed me that's what marijuana smelt like. I had the opportunity to smell it twice in one night. My nostrils were no longer virgins.

We went back to the hotel and watched some TV, and the interesting thing about that is that after "Everybody Loves Raymond," there was a Christian discussion about what that program meant, and how people should feel about it. I'm sure it was just the channel itself, but it was a bit strange for us. And then we celebrated the anniversary, I'll leave it at that.

This should be the part where I talk about the next morning, but instead, I'll tell you about the teenage couple who were screaming at each other and fighting across the street and taking it into the hotel. There was a bit of grabbing and yelling, but the girl did finally storm off and the guy did some dramatic dropping to his knees and shouting deal. That was after we had dozed off. Thenafter, my wife had a bunch of Dr. Phil dreams and I dreamt that me and a former cast member acting out the entire Luke Skywalker/Darth Vader duel with rolled up posters in the Warner Bros. Studio. Bizarre.

We woke up a bunch of times due to twittering birds and room service carts, but finally decided ten was the magic hour. We were out of there at 10:30, but the receptionist had lied to us about the complimentary breakfast, so we didn't get any. Might as well, it was a muffin at McDonalds. We thought we were going to get some real food.

Metrotown is a massive mall, and we had fun tooling around, looking at people and laughing at the texture of gelato, which is this alternative ice-cream like treat that isn't high on presentation points. But I think the biggest thing was that we really started to miss Alex and all that is baby, including the changing him bit. Must be the dimples of his butt. We decided to abandon plans for Stanley Park and head on home, because we were both exhausted anyhow. We picked up the little boy, who seemed to have a ball at Karen's, and headed home.

My wife was out at ten, and I'm starting to miss her tremendously. I won't see her very much tomorrow, but Wednesday is not that far away. It was just so nice when it's just the two of us, being sweeties and holding hands, talking about anything and everything, making each other laugh. I find myself wittier, better, and more important when I'm around her. And sometimes that feels like that's all I'll ever need in life.

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