Thursday, March 11, 2004

I enjoy my wife a lot.

Today she was home and not working at all, so I suggested that we go for a walk because my day at work was less than favorable. So we got the Alex and we went to Lowe's, because it was close to our place and we hadn't been there before, and it was something different.

So we were walking around, looking at the different kitchen sets, pointing at stuff and saying, "Look at this sink," or "Which one do you like best." Just the interaction between us were like a couple of kids, saying, "I'm gonna buy that one." We found out we had pretty similar tastes, and we had fun just being shoppers, looking at things that we couldn't afford and couldn't install in our homes (rental), and just having fun spending time with each other. Alex had fun watching the ceiling fans go round and round, even craning his neck backward with his mouth wide open.

My wife reported another new trick today - she was doing something when she realized that he was playing peek a boo with her. He'd hide behind the chair, stick his head out, and smile. He seriously has the cutest smile that's so incredibly sweet and innocent - it's just pure joy to see that smile. Something about an infant's smile that's so approving and unironic - it's just 10 times better than when a pretty girl smiles at you. 100 times maybe.

Wait, how pretty is the girl again?


I love my wife!

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