Saturday, March 06, 2004

Updated some photos as well, it is now residing in Imagestation. Didn't want to clog up more of my webspace, because the videos take up quite a bit of space. Eventually I'll probably end up archiving the videos to Imagestation as well, if they let me.

I've been Suzy Homemaker today, except not Suzy. Maybe Bob Homemaker. Just doing dishes, making bottles, making dinner, baking a cake and putting lots of frosting on it - just being rather domestic. At the same time I was encoding the videos for the website, when I found out something quite amusing. Alex enjoys watching the videos of himself on my computer, smiling and cooing and laughing at himself. It's the most adorable thing. How he evokes so much happiness in me is really quite amazing, considering he's not even trying to be funny. He's just being happy and that's all it takes to put a smile on my face. Not quite sure if he's thinking it's another baby or if he is aware that it's him on there. He could very well just be reacting to the happy baby tone that the other baby on the computer is making, and he's greeting him back.

Besides that, we've been thinking a little about Peanut. We have a friend to watch Alex on the day of the ultrasound, and I'll probably have to take that day off and maybe the day after if my wife decides to do the amnio. In a way, knowing early and more about it is definitely helping us prepare.

Today has been a somewhat difficult day for JL and I. I went downstairs and I noticed something odd, a movement that she made that was uncanny. Basically she's not allowed to eat in the living room because she's messy and doesn't pick up after herself, and we have a white couch on top of that. Well, she was eating bread when I came down, so she attempted to hide her bread under the couch and pretend she wasn't eating it. So I got upset and told her to pick it up and vacuum the crumbs under the couch, and walked away, fuming. Like I told my wife, if she was eating the bread and I saw her, all she had to say was sorry, and all I would've said would be, "Go eat in the kitchen." But the fact that she tried to cover it up (Martha Stewart, have you not learned?) made me furious. My wife later told me that I should just go ahead and yell at her next time, instead of moping about it and holding a grudge.

We've been having a tough time with JL lately - her grades are borderline failing and she has little regard for her school work. If we didn't pry into her grades through email and the internet, she would be failing completely. And after we confront her about the work, she would just give nothing but excuses - it would be the school's fault before it was hers. Even after we find out that a lot of it can be saved or made up - if it was not for our intervention, she would still be pulling F's and D's.

JL's a good kid overall, and it boils down to this: She's not doing her job. She's not fulfilling her role. Each and every one of us is pulling our weight, doing what we're supposed to do, and the fact that she isn't is really making me shifty. I mentioned something earlier in the blog about being functional human being... She used to have chores - now she doesn't. Not a single one, except that her room has to be clean and she needs to do her own laundry. She doesn't do dishes, take out garbage or clean the cat box. I don't like cats, and I clean the cat box.

We have three cats. It's a toxic dump.

So she has no chores, we don't really make her babysit, she's not working, has no after school activities, and the other time we ask her to do any type of picking up or cleaning is when she makes a mess. She is essentially free of responsibility, except to be a student. And she's not doing that well. She's not stupid, not at all. In fact we think she's quite intelligent with lots of potential. But she just doesn't take any responsibility.

I suppose it's just teenage stuff, but it's driving us crazy. I have to admit that my high school grades weren't stellar, but I did have some pride about stuff I did. I'm also quite aware she might read this - which is fine. Because I don't know what else to do.

Kids are fun!

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