Monday, February 16, 2004

Ten Random Facts about Me...

10) I am multilingual, though barely. My main language is English, and I speak Cantonese moderately well. My bad habit of filling in the blanks with English is common. I speak Mandrian as well, though not enough to get me anywhere.

9) I have a half brother, and his name is Wayne. The one and only time I've seen him was when I was in Singapore, and I was either 13 or 14, and he was just an infant. Ironically, that would make him about JL's age now. Didn't even think about that till just now. I assume he's still around living with my Dad.

8) I left Singapore at age 14, after leaving my all-boys school. I started high school here as a freshmen, basically having to start over. My mom would leave for Singapore for a month annually, leaving me here by myself. With no microwave at first.

7) My accent has two modes - one for my family, and the other for everyone else. The one I use with my family is heavily accented in what we call, Singlish. I actually use the calmer version of that, because the true Singlish is not quite my thing. Both are equally real, and it's very difficult for me to cross over without feeling like I'm just pretending.

6) I am a published author. The Sixth College in La Jolla, California has a class that taught Ethics or something, and the professor wanted to publish one of my scripts in their collection. I actually have the book and it's kinda cool, except it is a little embarassing to have my text sandwiched between real works of literature.

5) I have a cool last name. It means "Thunder" in Chinese, and I really don't know why it isn't really popular in Chinese media. I was always the only one with that surname in my classes, and I've only come across it a few times when it comes to surnames.

4) I put the Western Front online. The story goes like this, I applied to be a Journalism student at the college, and vowed to the chair of the department that I would put the paper online. Of course, I didn't know at the time that they simply accepted students anyway, didn't have to make any kind of promise like that. Nonetheless, the paper had been occasionally online, but I put it online on a regular basis, whenever the paper version came out, and the online editor position was created. I did everything pure HTML, and even won the newspaper 2nd place in the SPJ (Society of Professional Journalists) non-daily website competition in the Student category. This was cool because I got to meet Lori Matsukawa, Robert Mak, and some newspaper writers.

3) Similar to the one above, I was a newspaper editor. It started off at the community college, then progressed to the University paper, and I even got to be the Welcome Back editor. Then I started to hate journalism and I pretty much pissed all my momentum away.

2) Everything major I've done - online publishing, movie shooting, editing, and videography... have all been self taught. Have yet to teach myself to be a musician, which would be a really cool thing to have done if I were more musically inclined.

1) My wife is the only person I've been intimate with. Beyond that, barely second base at best. Girls: That's so Sweet! Guys: Dude, You suck! Cue early 80s Madonna song...

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