Friday, January 30, 2004

This weekend's going to be an interesting one.

Originally, the plan was simply that JL was going to have a birthday sleepover, whereby four or so teenage girls come over and spend the night, eat cake, giggle incessantly about boys, and eat more cake. We got a Costo cake (Feeds 48) and I doubt there will not be much left over because these girls will simply thrive in it. So, that was simple enough - I hide in my room for about 12 hours, baby under arm so that he will not be subjected to cheek pinching and high pitched squeals of adoration, and then when they leave, enjoy the rest of my weekend. But no, things had to be complicated.

First, my wife did not get the weekend off, so I was going to be the primary adult during the sleepover. That was a pretty taxing thought but then came some bad news, that a friend's husband had passed on. Her ceremony was on the night of the sleepover, and we just had to go and show our support. I've met the man, and he's beyond decent - some people you just know by looking at them and seeing the people he surrounds himself with. And then, my wife's older sister in Kansas decides she's going to come out here to Washington for the weekend to help out my wife's other sister, and wants to see us and the baby. So, all these things came together and my wife's really stressed out. Tomorrow we're going to drive to Everett for a few hours to see her sister, and then come back to teenage girls. So, this weekend will be quite intense for us.

Today I was feeling pretty good about things. I was scanning Men's Apparel and the monotony of it allowed me to drift off and formulate some movie ideas and it was feeling rather good. I used to do that a lot at work and I'd appreciate being able to do that because sometimes, the boring moments are there so that you can be inspired. I was thinking about the movie and me and the boy, and the movie about the murderer and his captor, and the previous movies and projects that we've shot and not touched. I was also thinking about doing an edit job on GTA: Vice City, like the one I did with "Driver". Just a lot of ideas floating about in my head, gnawing at my creative side.

Hmm, should consider bed soon.

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