Tuesday, January 20, 2004

I took the day off today and the three of us - my wife, my son and I - drove down to Everett to see my wife's sister. Well, turned out she didn't exactly have a stroke or heart attack, but what happened to my limited knowledge is that there was a tear in her Carotid Artery, which may have been caused by her high blood pressure. This caused her to be confused often - she literally did not recognize my father-in-law and was prone to fits of anger, and even called my baby Nicky a few times. She also suffered a pretty severe seizure. Her eyesight is also hopefully, just temporarily limited, and she's just overly exhausted. Currently she's still undergoing a bunch of tests, and surgery will probably be in place for her, but boy. What a scary thing to go through.

We're feeling a little better about the whole situation overall, having seen her and such. Driving down to Everett wasn't too bad, but parking at Harborview is not recommended for people with limited patience like myself.

Someone at work just lost her husband day before yesterday, and it's hit us a little weird. A huge part of it is because that person is one of the nicest people around. Another part of it is that one of the first weddings that I did was for her daughter and son-in-law, and I actually have met and talked to this man - a really nice and personable fella who loves the people around him. These few days I've just been thinking about the footage that I have of him, and just thinking about the last thing my wife and I saw them together at the mall.

Mortality really has been on our minds this week.

But on the bright side, my wife and I had fun in the car ride back and forth from Everett.


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