Monday, February 09, 2004

Lots have happened in the past week since the latest video post, but since any attempt to recount all the moments would result in my head exploding, I'll just mention the mentionables.

It's been a stressful week for us, mostly because of money issues. With the lack of child support and the hospital and insurance costs creeping up on us, we had a mini crisis this last week and had it not been for my Mom, we would not have groceries this week either. Even the words "WIC" and "Food Bank" were flirted with -- Alex is always provided for, but we were actually close to toughing it out this week. Hopefully, this'll blow over and money management will be a little more organized. As it is, there will be the sound of bouncing checks.

But on the brighter side of things, I got a lot accomplished over the weekend. We went to see my mom and brother and sister-in-law for a one day trip, and I even got to go to a Mac store. It was all quite nice, and I didn't even feel the urge to desire any newer models. But man, the iPod is worth lusting over. Just the access to all those songs, even though you just have one set of ears.

Apparently while we were at the mall and my Mom and my sister-in-law was home watching Alex, he cried and cried a bunch. Seems like stranger anxiety has set in, but I reassured my Mom because when we came home and Alex fell asleep, he giggled in his sleep and smiled in his dreams. The last time he did that was when my Mom stayed here. That boy sure loves his grandma.

Today was a day of accomplishments as well. Waking up at eight and JL was buried in The Sims, which is kinda nice because it was a birthday present well spent, but at the same time kinda not nice because she'd totally drop any dialouge at all. You'd ask her something and she would just not answer you, or start to answer but just stop. I fixed the sound on the Windows XPee downstairs, but could not share the broadband connection with my brother's DSL router because that stupid machine downstairs doesn't have an ethernet port. Boo. My iMac's about 2 years younger than that monkey of a machine and it has an Ethernet, Firewire, USB... No Floppy Drive, but have done okay without one anyway. Anyway, enough computer stuff.

My wife was in a quirky mood tonight -- she made me laugh when Franklin, our gray fatty kitty was scratching on the floor. My wife stomped her foot to get him to stop, then got out of the chair and swung at the cat with her sleeves. She had retracted her arms from her shirt, so the sleeves were just flapping around. Stuff like that just makes me happy.

Oh, did taxes. Hate taxes, especially with a business. It would be ironic (but not funny) if this auditor was audited. Thinking strongly about shutting down the videography business, while ironically, am authoring a DVD for a friend at work who may donate to my cause for my troubles. She has an old VHS from the 80s - iffy quality, but I cleaned it up a little. Boy, the VHS sleeve is made from thick cardboard, and the cassette itself is heavy. Weird to see products get cheaper and less durable.

Well, enough rambling for now. Work tomorrow...


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