Sunday, February 01, 2004

With the weekend winding down to a close, I have to say that it went smoothly, though not as planned.

The birthday party went moderately well. As adults, we only saw silvers of what went on, we just set the rules and the food out and let them help themselves. JL was the Master of Ceremonies, so she was the entertainment. They watched Rush Hour 1 and 2, partially because I don't really have a lot of "teen" movies that are appropriate for that age group. I have all the Pixar movies and a bunch of violent boy ones or ones with questionable subject. Rush Hour was about the tamest as it came. One of the girls, Lacey, decided to bring her Playstation along so that she could play a stupid role playing game at a friend's birthday party. Whatever. I just have to say that I do not envy them, having went through my own teenage years trying to figure out who I am, and how to get along with people. Overall, they were fine kids, didn't set the house of fire or bring any barnyard animals to the house. But I was definitely glad they were gone when they were.

The other thing this weekend was the doctor's appointment. My wife had a checkup on her latest pregnancy, and the good doctor was having trouble hearing the heartbeat. She used a good half tube of KY Jelly and still, all the lube in the world couldn't pick up anything - so she ordered an ultrasound. I personally wasn't overly worried, perhaps because I always thought Peanut (our nickname for the next one being how the ultrasound showed a peanut) was going to be just fine. But my wife was pretty worried about the whole thing. Needless to say, everything turned up fine. Peanut had a healthy heartbeat, and was moving a little bit on the ultrasound.

We did not end up going to Everett because of the unscheduled ultrasound, so we didn't get to see my wife's sister from Kansas. That was too bad. The fact that they all cleaned up my wife's younger sister's house and came out with 1100 pounds of trash and made many disgusting discoveries around the house made me glad that we couldn't make it. The house, from what we're told, was a biohazard dump site. Still, in the end, the day after the cleaning, the house reverted back to its original mess. That's a pity.

The last thing about this weekend was the Celebration of Life our friend had for her late husband. She was tremendously happy about the photo montage that I had made for her of her husband, and told me that we was forever indebted to me. To me, someone who's always wanted credit more than monetary compensation, was very rewarding. I was glad that she liked it so much.

His passing made my wife and I think a lot of death, and it turns out that we've even been thinking about the same things. Paying for cremations or burial, figuring out where we want to be, wondering about how we would cope with the loss of each other.

But it didn't really go beyond the thinking bit, since we're both healthy and fine. But it's made us think for sure. I was thinking at the Celebration though, if I was about to die and I knew about it (probably sickness or something), I would want to hold that kind of thing before I was actually gone. Because then I would see everyone that my life has touched and get to hear all these things people will have to say about me. Sigh, always the egotist wanting his pride to be stroked.

I spent a good amount of time with Alex today, and he's such a fun little guy. Likes it when I jump out and scare him. I would then always have to do a forced laugh to let him know that it was supposed to be funny and not terrifying. I'm getting quite good at this forced laughter thing, though friends need not worry - if you weren't four months old, you would be able to tell it wasn't sincere.

With that, hotdogs for dinner!

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