Saturday, March 27, 2004

I've said it before but I'll say it again, but it doesn't stop being true.

My life has stopped moving since Alex was born.

And no, it's not a negative thing, babies are wonderful and cute and reaffirms why we're needed on this earth, but it's still true. Free time has gone out the window completely. Now I only get windows of idle time whereby I do extremely adventurous things like chores, wrapping up old projects, or write on blogs. It's very different when other people visit the baby because it's just a short span of time. Having a baby full time is so incredibly overwhelming it can be a bit tough. Makes us wonder how we're going to deal with two babies.

But I love Alex a lot, I do. I have fun watching him, studying him, and making him laugh. I like to groom his hair to maximize his cuteness, and clean his dried snot with my licked finger to clean up his face, and give him kisses on his cheek because it makes me so proud to be his daddy. I like to hold his little arms and think about how perfectly proportionate his arm is to his chest, and how sometimes he can't help but seem like a little dapper gentleman. I like it when he reaches for me, to touch my face or grab my glasses, or to see if I'll keep chomping on his little hand and making tiger sounds. I like to smell his head after a bath, in the middle of the day, or pretty much whenever I feel like it. It smells great. I like to bury my face in his chest and tickle him with my nose, making him giggle is one of the greatest sounds in the world. I like to dangle him upside down and watch his mouth hang open, with his gums being gummy and toothless, and his eyes trying to make sense of the upside-downess of it all. I like it that he'll stop crying the moment I pick him up from whatever situation - it's like I cured his sadness, even if just temporarily. I like it when I hold my face close to him, and he makes that sound, and I mimic that sound, and we have a conversation of sounds. I like his raspberries - they're our way of bonding now, and it works great. I like it when he does raspberries and continues playing with his toys. I like it that he's so curious about everything, and I like the way he studies something by holding it in the air, and then moving it one angle, then another, then another, then back into his mouth it'll go. I like it when he hiccups - it's just so cute. I like it that he farts so nonchalantly and causually.

Like I said, my life stops, and his just gets more interesting everyday. I guess my growing is now enjoying my little boy.

I love my little boy.

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