Saturday, March 20, 2004

I enjoy my weekends because I get to spend some time with my son, and although sometimes it gets a little difficult because I have to remember that our time together is really his time most of the time, I still get a lot out of being with the little guy.

Today I took another ill-fated trip down to Lake Padden, thinking that I could spend some quality time with Alex at the park. Well, in Bellingham Sunny skies doesn't always mean warm weather, and not more than 15 minutes into the walk we were already heading back to the car. The corner of his blanket was muddy from me dragging it on the trail and the poor little nose on his face had gotten red. He didn't fuss though, just sorta looked at me and gave me a sad little look of a frigid nature.

But on the bright side, he fell asleep on the way home and I managed to get a nap in myself once I put him down. Then I discovered another gimmick to make him laugh, and it really cheered me up. I was talking to him as usual, babbling some odd baby talk and singing odd songs that I'd just made up, and when I said something like, "Little Boy-oy-oy-oy. What'cha Doing-ing-ing-ing." at a very high pitch and he just started cracking up. So I did it again and sure enough, it was just the funniest thing to him. Of course, when I tried to show my wife afterward he just looked at me with a straight face. Always happens. But I'll try it tomorrow. His laugh is the happiest sound I've ever heard.

On the personal side, I've just been brainstorming like crazy. I created a forum for Bellingham Artists, hoping that I'd be able to find actors more easily, and for actors to find other people, I suppose. Also, I came up with a movie idea that is awesome by theory. If we find the right actors for the job, it would rule. Basically it will be an improv movie, but I thought of a good situation for the actors to be in so the action would seem natural, and I've made up characters with a good amount of potential to play up. We'll see how it goes. I'll run it by Trench and see if it's kosher.

I just told my wife that I liked it when Alex sits on the floor and sometimes he would extend his arms to balance himself. His butt cheeks don't have that kind of control yet.

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