Sunday, April 18, 2004

It is my belief, especially sitting here at the computer now, that I will smell of pee, poop, baby food, or all of the above for the next five years of my life. Alex was wet when I extracted him out of the stroller and now I still smell of pee. It's okay, I just wish that of all the things that he picked up from me, that wouldn't be one of them. Ha ha.

I'm in a better mood today, because of the really good auditions this afternoon. I like it when stuff works, when people band together in the quest of doing something good and ambitious. I also enjoyed writing up premises for the group, and it gave me the realization that all my characters should have their own evaluations. Why they do what they do, why they strive for what they do. Nobody ever sets out to be annoying and hateful - there's always some reason or another they behave that way. Anyway, that's what I realized today. I'm a little slow, I guess.

My resume is undergoing another revamp, because I found it to be too preachy compared to the other sample cover letters and resumes out there. So I'm going back in, trying to fix it all over again, shortening my chunks of lyrical garbage into more bite size information. I will have it in the mail by tomorrow.

Alex has been up to a few things, namely the crinkle in his nose that makes mommy so happy. It's a cute little gesture that I haven't been able to capture on film yet, but he crinkles his nose by squishing the top half of his face, showing his gummy tooth and scrunching up his eyes. We don't quite know if he's doing it because of his teething or it's just become some habit, but he does it when he's eating, when he's happy, and when he's crying.

He's also starting to wave Buh Bye, which is basically him flailing his arm about and the rest of us excitedly waving back at him, repeating, "Bye Bye!" like deranged tourists. He probably thinks its a gas that we're mimicking him, with no concept of what it implies. And that's fine by us.

The other thing that I haven't captured on film yet is his affinity for my butt. He likes my butt. Sometimes when he sits on mommy's lap or at the high chair, I turn around and shake my butt on his hands or his feet and he just LOVES it. He laughs and looks up at me, and thinks it's the greatest thing on earth. That, he learned from Mommy. Except Alex doesn't shove money down my pants like Mommy does.

And with that, I'm done!

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