Saturday, June 19, 2004

Found this on a friend's blog, scored 16 out of 20 for detecting fake smiles.

Funny thing about summer is that the more it comes around with each passing year, the more I dread it. Of course, coming from a tropical climate like Singapore, you'd think I'd go gaga over it and be all wacky and happy, but something funny happened on the way over to this green-ass state. I got used to the dark wet coldness and now my body basically rejects summer.

Here are the good things about summer: It's warmer, so people wear less clothing - not that I get any jollies out of that. Not at all, my beautiful lovely wife. 4th of July. Not having to worry about Alex being too cold. And evidently, summer is starting to mean baby births. I'm sure my wife will see that it doesn't become a trend. Ice cream tastes much more satisfying. Bike riding, though having babies will curb that.

Here are the things I don't like about summer: Too freaking hot sometimes. Getting into a hot car sucks major ass. Bugs. I hate bugs. Anything with more than four legs are just not my friend. Allergies, big time. I was sneezing my head off last 4th of July. Reruns. TV programming goes into the slums of reruns. Sweat. I don't like being that sticky all the time. Just some of the times. Appropriate times.

Well, anyway, this is what's been going through my head. I just finished inflating the kiddy pool for Alex, will be kinda fun to see him splash about in it, though I think he'll probably be indifferent about the whole thing and just thing that it was some giant bathtub.

Alex and I have this little game that has very little rational - in fact, I don't really even know how the game works. But he'll be standing in his crib, holding on with his hands on the railing. I'd squat down and look at his legs, and either nibble at his toes or kiss his tummy, or say, "Where did Alex go?" He's usually respond by batting me on the head. So I'd pop up over the crib, and he'd pop down, squealing and giggling away. I'd pop back down and give him a kiss through the rails, and he'd laugh...

Now I know what Tom Hanks or John Goodman or Robin Williams were talking about while being interviewed by James Lipton on "Inside the Actor's Studio". One of the questions is, "What is your favorite sound or noise?" The three of them have said something like children laughing, or family laughing. The sound of my little boy laughing always puts a smile on my face.

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